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A 60-year History of Expertise with 100 Professionals Developing Businesses with the Core being Motor Repair Kuwahara Delivers Safety and Security for Customers' Satisfaction.

Your Best Partnaer 3Rx3R KUWAHARA can provide the Best Green Solution for Your Business.
3R Solutions, Repair Rewinding Reconditioning to improve Your Business and 3R, Reuse Reduce Recycle to improve The Environment.

KUWAHARA ’s Quick Repair means minimum down time and minimum loss of production.

Rewinding revitalizes the damaged motor insulation.
KUWAHARA can rewind a large size motor in only 2 weeks with the VPI process by reusing and recycling all existing parts except the winding and insulation - including the motor housing and iron core etc.

Reconditioning prevents sudden motor failure and preserves motor life.

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