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Insulation Breakdown Voltage Prediction System, CLiPS, developed by Kuwahara Electric.

Inspection & Diagnosis

Electrical machinery failure in production facilities often results in extensive damage, as it occurs unexpectedly. The key to preventing this is an accurate diagnosis of machine condition and the implementation of appropriate measures -- namely, prediction and preventive maintenance.
However, despite efforts to estimate remaining insulation life in medium and high-voltage rotating machinery, many companies have not yet succeeded in quantitative estimation of breakdown voltage.
On the other hand, at Kuwahara Electric, after years of maintaining the rotating machines of many manufacturers, we have an abundance of insulation diagnoses and actual breakdown voltage data compiled during rewinding work.
We leveraged this massive collection of data to develop a computing system, CLiPS (Coil Life Prediction System), that uses statistical analysis to find high correlations between diagnosis and actual breakdown voltages.
Our technology, backed by long and extensive insulation experience, allows us to now estimate an actual breakdown voltage value for a diagnosed machine, and to utilize the estimated value as a central value.
This CLiPS system, with the highest accuracy in the industry in terms of breakdown voltage estimation, has received high acclaim from various sectors since its presentation at a conference for the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.

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